Providing information through programs and initiatives in HEED (health, education, employment and economic development) that inform, enlighten, and strengthen our communities.

Health  –  our club members share their expertise and knowledge, design and implement projects addressing health issues, advocating and supporting community health initiatives.

Education  –  our clubs implement an array of activities including financial aid workshops, adopting schools, college tours, test taking techniques and mentoring.  The scholarship program is the foundation of the education focus on the local, district and

Employment  –  this disparity in wages and job opportunities is evident throughout the African American community for women and men.  Our programs include providing information on employment, careers, and skill building.

Economic Development  –  clubs direct their programming efforts on developing and sustaining Minority and women owned businesses in our communities.  Projects address the difficulty in accessing business capital, accumulating personal assets, real property holdings, estate planning and retirement strategies.