NED Giving Back

 The average cost to diaper a child is $18 per week. Children need about 50 diapers per week with an annual average cost of $936 to diaper one child. There is a constant call for assistance to poverty-stricken families – particularly families with infants and toddlers. 

On Saturday, September 16, 2017 during the inaugural meeting of Governor Davis and the new administration, sisters made a donation of more than 1500 diapers to the Westchester Diaper Bank; thus providing a one week’s supply of diapers to the families of 30 babies. 

This is the first of several 2017-2018 ongoing programs which will comprise the “Give Back and Get” program. The objective of the program is to participate in district wide donations, programs, and activities that will impact the communities we serve throughout the district. The benefit of participation not only impacts the community but enhances our organization’s programming efforts. The goal is for each participating club to receive a pre-filled program summary page complete with documentation necessary for submission into the Year End Program Report. We are proud to announce the local clubs that participated in the diaper donation: Bedford-Stuyvesant Club, Bronx Club, Brooklyn Club, Central Jersey Club, Elm City Club, Laurelton Club, Mid Island Club, New Rochelle Club, Riverside Club, Union County Club and Williamsbridge Club.