Do you want to make a difference in our community through initiatives promoting and protecting the interest of women? There is a place for you in the National Association of Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc. We have clubs in the Greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan area and we are looking for dynamic business and professional women.

Benefits of Membership:

~ Exercise leadership skills
~ Networking and mentorship opportunities
~ Entrepreneurial training
~ Seminars and workshops
~ Community involvement
~ Sisterhood
~ Collaboration with other organizations

Membership opportunities are available to women, men, and students in the following categories:

~ Working or retired business and professional women
~ Students attending an accredited college or university
~ Youth ages 12-18
~ Adult male supporters

Through our various programs and initiatives, we continue to improve the quality of life in our local and global communities, but we cannot do it alone, we need YOU!

If you are interested in joining a local club in the Northeast District of the NANBPWC, Inc. and would like additional information, please contact You may also download and complete our Adult Membership Application and return to

Nicole T. Macon
Director of Membership
Northeast District

Members are the lifeline of this Association. “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” Where there are no members, this institution will perish. Our seven founders had a clear and purposeful vision. A vision that was as revolutionary in 1935 as it is today. As an Association, the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc., makes it our mandate to continuously translate their vision into the language of 2013 and beyond.

The NANBPWC, Inc. membership is comprised of women of all ages, college students and youth who render community service throughout the country. To become a member, the inquirer must fall within one of the following categories:

~ Adult: Active or retired business and professional women.
~ Member-at-Large: Members who reside in a city where an organized club does not exist.
~ Beta-Psi: Students who are attending an accredited college, university, or technical school.
~ Youth Club: Girls and boys (age 12-18).
~ Associate: Members who wish to support the NANBPWC, Inc. on a national level.
~ Ombudsmen: Men’s auxiliary comprised of husbands, relatives, or friends of adult club members.


If you are interested in joining a local club of the NANBPWC, Inc., or would like additional information, please complete our contact form (click here).