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The International Affairs Division of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. was created under the leadership of Past National President Peola Smith-Smith (NED – Central Jersey Club).  The International Affairs Division has created exciting initiatives that involve the implementation of International HEED, health, education and economic development. The work is done through travel to international destinations to perform onsite community service endeavors and through discussion of issues and involvement of activities at the United Nations.

Purpose, Mission, Goals

One Purpose of the International Affairs Division is to develop effective programs for women and children globally. The programs support women’s grassroots organization, and empower women to identify and implement, supports, share skills and expertise in the areas of health, education, and economic development. Emphasis for program implement is based on themes and activities at the United Nations. 


The Mission of the International Affairs Division is to promote collaboration among the nonprofit, government, and business sectors; and to ensure participation by members in NANBPWC, Inc. The commitment to advance women’s issues is done through advocacy and program implementation.  


The Goals of the International Affairs Division are to initiate programs that address the UN Platform for Action and broaden global participation, international affiliation and involvement of community based grassroots organizations in the overall structure of the organization. The International Governor and the UN Representative provide leadership on the international level in the areas of Health, Education and Economic Development by involving the members and clubs of NANBPWC, Inc.


Dr. Beryl Dorsett
International Governor

Jean Kaplan Black
United Nations Representative

The Northeast District Abroad

Image 21 - MIYC United Nations trip 09
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Image 20 - MIYC United Nations trip 08
Image 8 - Gov. Dorsett Speaking in Lesotho
Image 12 - Economic Dic - Crops for linving
Image 3 - Economic Development
Image 24 - Elizabeth & Marilyn (CJC) donating pillowcases
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Image 9 - Economic Development - Crops for Living
Image 1 - Economic Dev_Crops for Stews
Image 10 - Staff of the Lesotho College of Education
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Image 7 - Donation (Ghana)
Image 17 - Joetta distributes dresses
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Image 11 - Eduation - Pencil Donation - (India)
Image 5 - Education_Notebook Donation (Ghana) copy

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