Westchester Club



President: Inez D. Robinson


Chaplain:  Jill Cole Walker                                           Scholarship Chair:  Verdell F. Hilliard

Life Member Chair:  Beryl C. Small                            Historian:  E. Peal Neita


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Website:   http://ned-nanbpwc.org/westchester-club/


Greetings from the Westchester County Club! We are small in numbers yet we continue to support community programs and charity endeavors that assist people in achieving their goals in life. We believe in the purpose for the establishment of NANBPWC, Inc., promoting health care, strengthening the foundation of African American families, the impact we have on social, civic and economic issues, education and educating the community. Our action in the community and beyond includes: giving Thanksgiving food baskets, distributing school supplies, creating care packages for college students studying away from home, providing personal care items for victims of domestic violence and assault, sending books and supplies to help establish schools in Haiti and in Ghana. Our members strive for excellence in making a difference in our communities. Our founders left a great legacy and we will continue to move forward with purpose and enthusiasm.


Issued 1954, the year the 19th  National Convention was held in Jamaica, New York


This club was organized 1954 by founders Fleugenia Griffin-Peters & Sadye J. Carter-Williams.
Our history depicts 10 charter members, 16 presidents having served, and 43 Sojourner Truth Award recipients.  We have presented awards to many community workers and over $100,000 in scholarships and book awards to graduating high school students.  The club have received recognition and awards from the community and NANBPWC.  We attained our 501(c) (3) status in 1988, and hosted the 57th NED Conference, and a Press Release was issued, “Northeast NANBPWC, Inc., 1st Black Service Organization to Support The New York Westchester County Diaper Bank”, donating over 3,400 diapers.


Programs Westchester County Club have sponsored are:

-> Emergency Preparedness – Covered the main tasks needed to be prepared, how to respond and recover from local emergencies and large scale disasters

-> Voter Registration – Encourage people to register, vote and give them the opportunity to register without a hassle. Promote community awareness

-> Developing a Partnership with the Red Cross – This is an ongoing blood drive in the White Plains area and we were able to partner with this day’s event to observe, participate and give a blood donation

-> Protecting Your Future: Elder Law Estate Planning – To awaken and create to the audience the importance of Estate Planning – Protecting Your Future – Discussion on Wills, Trusts, and Probate.  It was recommended that everyone have a Will


-> We will be celebrating Women’s History Month at Fair Deal Café, Saturday, March 9, 2019 with a speaker on the topic “Cardiovascular Health and Combatting Heart Disease” and honoring a ‘shero’ in the community

-> We will be honoring/giving tribute to the founders of the organization at our 65th Annual Founders’ Day Champagne Brunch, Westchester Manor, Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the Westchester Manor, 140 Saw Mill River Road, Hastings, On-Hudson NY 10706


Some of Our Members

2017-2018 Scholarship & Book Award Recipients

2017-2018 Awardees