The New Haven Club, Inc.

The New Haven Club, Inc.


President: Sherry Bostic-Mewborn

First Vice President:  Maria Knight

Treasurer:  Dr. Carolyn Kinder

Recording Secretary:  Shirley Allen

Youth Advisor:  Michelle Sepulveda

Parliamentarian:  Evelyn Streater-Frizzle

Director of Membership:  Tonya R. Ricks

Financial Secretary:  Etta G. Burke

Corresponding Secretary:  Nicole T. Macon

Youth Leader:  Fallon Thomas

Chaplain:  Rosa L. Cates


Sherry Bostic-Mewborn (President):

Phone: (203) 988- 1354

Tonya R. Ricks (Director of Membership):

Phone: (203) 804-5791



Greeting Sisters and Visitors,


Welcome to the webpage of The New Haven Club Inc. of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (NANBPWC). Our association was founded byseven courageous women who had the foresight to create this amazing association in 1935 for the purpose of promoting the interest of businesses, creating the opportunities for our professional women and to improve the social and civic conditions of our community.

The New Haven Club was organized in November 24, 1944 by fourteen women and incorporated in July 22, 2016. It is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that continued that same vision by offering seminars, workshops of varied interests and volunteer hours of service to benefit the Greater New Haven area.

In addition, we grant four local high school students academic scholarships to assist them as they move forward to college or university. Our National Theme is “Moving Forward with A Purpose; Empowering Communities and Shaping Lives while Strengthening the Business and Professional Women’s Club.” As an organization we have been promoting our programs under LETS (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Service) through partnership and mentoring with other organizations to provide training, webinars and conferences.

We invite you to be among phenomenal women of the #1 club that has over 74 years of dedication of serving the Greater New Haven community. Thank You!


Respectfully Yours,

Sherry Bostic-Mewborn, President


The New Haven Club, Inc. was chartered in 1944.


The New Haven Club, Inc. was chartered as a member of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc, in November 22, 1944, incorporated in July 22, 2016. The New Haven Club’s focus is (LETS) Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Service (which includes Health, Education, Employment, and Economic Development – HEED). Through the years, The New Haven Club continues to enlist new members who embody our mission – to promote and protect the interests of African American business and professional women.


Vocal Arts: The vocal arts competition was introduced in 1983 and is designed to recognize young Black classical vocalists and provide them with scholarships.

Women’s History: In 1996 the convention adopted the National Women’s History program “Women’s History is Our History Too!”; for the purpose of focusing on the many contributions made by African American women, who advance education, business, profession, technology, family, and community.

Founders’ Day: We celebrate Founders’ Day annually to recognize the shoulders on which we stand, and the role and responsibility we have in preparing our youth for the future. We take great pride in selecting six members of the Greater New Haven community each year and honoring them with the: Business Award, Professional Award, Appreciation Award, Man Of The Year Award; the Youth Award, and our most prestigious recognition, The Sojourner Truth Award.



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