Rochester Genesee Valley Club



President: Brenda Jamiylah Miller

1st Vice President:  Martha L. Hope

Treasurer/ Corresponding Secretary:  Kim Wynn

Parliamentarian:  Iris Banister

Historian:  Margaret Thomas

Communications Chair:  Tracie Isaac

Financial Secretary:  Millie Fisher

Recording Secretary:  Alicia Ward

Director of Membership:  Alicia Ward

Yvonne Q Fleming Bit O’ Cheer:  Yvonne Q Fleming

Event Planner:  Martha L. Hope




Telephone: 585-326-0752


I have longtime admired each one of my sisters, who have entrusted me to step up as their President of the RGVC of the NANBPWC Inc. Since I do not believe in coincidences, I must trust that it is time to let our lights shine in a New Way.

The time has come to bring ours gifts to the table and bless each other by working respectfully and collectively together, to touch the lives of those who we have been assigned to.

Our Sisterhood realizes that in order to fulfill our Goals, Vision, and Missions, it takes an army. Whether it be an army, powerful and big or one that is mighty and small — We Must Be Unified.

We invite elder, middle-age and young sisters to join us as we strive to “carry on” making this world a better place for all.

RGVC Sisterhood Rise Up!


The Rochester Genesee Valley Club was chartered June 1958.


The Rochester Club and Genesee Valley Club merged to form the Rochester Genesee Valley Club of the NANBPWC INC. Both Clubs interests was the advancement of African American Women in the community and Young people. Founding members Margaret Thomas, Cynthia Tarver, Yvonne Q Fleming.


  —> Founder’s Day – to celebrate the Founders’ of NANBPWC Inc. We present the Sojourner Truth Award to a community Woman that has gone above and beyond, honor Men of the Year and give scholarship to college bound scholar. June 23, 2018, Hyatt Regency, 5:30 PM

  —> Sister’s R’ Runn’ provide public forum for African American Women running for political office. August 2017, Wilson Academy, 11:00 AM

  —> Entrepreneurship Workshop/ training open to community. November 10, 2017

  —> Women’s History: Having our Say Presentation of Black women Poets and Author’s locally and Western New York. Book signing open to the public. March 24, 2018, Phyllis Wheatley Library, 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

  —> Think Pink are you affected by Triple Pink presentations and workshops open to the public. March 2018, Christian Friendship Baptist Church, 10:00 AM

  —> Domestic Violence Workshops and Training. Open to the public. October 2018.

  —> Ellen Stubbs Gifts at Christmas: Community organization chosen to give gifts to at Christmas. December 2018, Different organization chosen each year.