Special COVID-19 Message

Our communities within the Northeast District are facing a pandemic of unprecedented proportions. Our
society is facing health, emotional and economic challenges as a result of the devastating toll of COVID-19
on our towns and cities since March.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are thankful
for those who have survived. We honor the memory of those who did not win the fight and offer our sympathy
to those who are experiencing grief under circumstances.


We thank and commend all of the essential workers who are making daily sacrifices and sometimes the
ultimate sacrifice to ensure our safety and well-being. They are the unsung hero’s who work in hospitals,
firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police, transportation system workers, postal workers, delivery
services including food, grocery and warehouse workers, teachers trying to work remotely with students and
parents, daycare providers, home health aides, social service and non-profit agency workers, utility and outreach
workers. There so many more who are serving us on a daily basis. We thank the families for their sacrifice and
allowing your love ones to serve us during this pandemic.


The Northeast District is committed to supporting communities throughout the Northeast District when we are
able to begin the process of “Return to Normal”. We know that we are resilient and although we face health,
emotional and economic issues, our Northeast District club sisters are prepared to “Move Forward With A Purpose”,
to engage and empower our communities on the “Return to Normal” journey.



Ericka J. Davis
17th Governor
Northeast District