The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. founded in 1935, emerged as a national non-profit organization in light of the need to promote and protect the interests of women business owners and professionals.

The importance of education and economic development through entrepreneurship was emphasized as women sought to support women through community service and social activism. The NANBPWC, Inc. through its national leadership, regional districts and local clubs provides opportunities for women to increase their leadership skills, experience governance and parliamentary procedures, and enhance their educational awareness of issues impacting the Black community through volunteerism. The NANBPWC, Inc. encourages youth and young adults to achieve economic independence by joining the rising tide of young people in business today. Our International Affairs Division operates in Africa, the Caribbean and the global community building socio-economic relationships between women. The members of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. understand that we can make a difference by sharing our blessings.

The very concept of sharing is integral to a sense of community. While it is the responsibility of each individual to make the most of his or her life, it is the responsibility of the larger community to provide the conditions that encourage success, a healthy, stable environment, and opportunities for educational and economic achievement.

NANBPWC, Inc. Insignia:
Represents the world in the hands of women

NANBPWC, Inc. National Flower:
Yellow Tea Rose


NANBPWC, Inc. National Matriarch:
Sojourner Truth


NANBPWC, Inc. National Colors:
Red and Yellow